What You Need To Know About Free Movies Online


There are several websites where you can stream free movies online. You may even wonder why you should pay high subscription fees only to access a movie which you can log into free streaming sites and access the movies. Streaming movies without paying is illegal. You should pay for you to access the rights of streaming or even downloading the movies. But, the free sites offer the movies free of charge, and they don’t hide. They have clear messages indicating they allow free viewing or even downloading of the movies.

But, you may wonder why the owners are not sued, or even the sites brought down. It is not as easy as you think. The sites are run by people who know how to hide their identity hence trying to track them can consume a lot of time which the movie owners are not willing to sacrifice. Although you may be happy hearing that you can access a movie for free, there are several drawbacks involved after you decide to access the free movies online via those sites.

Why you should opt for paid streaming services

Everybody will like to make a living out of his or her hard work. The paid streaming services such as Hulu and Netflix will require you to pay a subscription fee of about $10 to $15. The subscription fee is then distributed to the creators of the movies.

It is a structured way which ensures the creators are rewarded for the hard work they put in place for you to access quality content. Even you, you will like to receive payment for your good job if you are involved in content creation. You are in a better position of supporting the creators even if you will consider the subscription services pricey.

Free Streaming

Many people opt for free movies online rather than paying the subscription fee. It is fun just to access it on the free streaming websites. In reality, you access to content which is not up to standards. The quality of videos may be poor, and the site will use tricks to raise revenue. They may create disguising ads which you click in the process of viewing the movies. The sound quality is not the best.

You will realize it if you can compare the paid streaming services and Solarmovie. You are infringing on copyright laws, but the possibility of being prosecuted is very low after you decide to use the free streaming services. Several sites are being taken down, and they end up acting as link farms to other streaming sites online. Paid streaming websites allow all devices to access content; it is unlike the free streaming services which will deny access to the content via certain devices.

How free movies online is Free?

The free streaming services provide you the streaming services free of charge. But, any webmaster will like to make money, and there are several ways which the free streaming sites utilize to earn money. In most cases, they apply unethical ads to make money.

They can disguise themselves as play buttons where you can click and open an ad. Others will use skip video button to lure you into clicking into other affiliate sites. There are others which can even go overboard to lure you into downloading an episode for you to end up downloading a virus which will affect your computer. It is always necessary to be careful when working with such sites.

How do Free Streaming sites work?

The sites use a proxy system to prevent them from being caught and sued. The proxy system sends the information to a secondary server for the server to send the data to your device. It creates an extra layer of protection which makes it very hard for the investigation to identify them. The investigator finds it hard to track them down which allows the way to thrive in providing the content.

The free movies online streaming sites are too good to be true, even if you will be happy saving money, there are hidden costs which you will pay at long last. They are illegal hence posting you the risk of prosecution. They are also risky in several ways. It is better for you to pay for the content you watch so that you can continue supporting the content creators you love.



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