Top SEO Techniques To Incorporate In Your Digital Marketing Plan


The online world is very competitive as every new business wants to make its online presence before its physical presence. However, with millions of pages being uploaded on the internet every day and hundreds of new websites, you need to adopt strategies that will feature your website on the top of the search engine results.

SEO is one of the most effective strategies you can use to make your brand be more recognizable and well-known in the digital world. However, you need to apply the right strategies for better revenue and success with the marketing plan. Here are some of the most valuable SEO trends and strategies you should include in your digital marketing plan:

Title Of The Blog Post

The most important factor in a post that determines the success when it comes to search engine rankings is the blog post title. The main keyword must appear in the title of the post. Besides, each and every page post on your site should have its unique title that helps to give a distinct identity to your web page. So, you should give a title name to every single page.

Use Targeted Keywords

Blogs offer a great opportunity to use a great number of keywords and to add keywords phrases, also called as long-tail keywords. A great SEO benefit of keyword phrases is that they usually occur less often in search engine indexes, so there is a minor competition for a ranking based on it. The overall keyword density in a post should be only 1.5% of the whole content in it. Ensure the main targeted keyword is inserted in the first as well as last paragraph of the post. It is good to either bold, underline or italic the keywords and phrases in the post to improve the blog popularity.

Focus On Content Creation

Content creation is the key to establishing a solid following on the internet. The idea is to post fresh content frequently – in the form of blogs. The post you write has to be engaging and must include various methodologies for receiving the reader attention in a blog post. This kind of approach is important since lack of engaging content will make readers leave your blog early and that can result in increased bounce rates.

Regularly Update Your Blogs

Regularly update your blog so that visitors return frequently to the website. This will play an important role in an SEO strategy. Search engines prefer websites that frequently update their sites with fresh content and give them good rankings in search results. So, to get higher rankings, update your blog frequently, as it offers an efficient way of achieving this goal.

Incorporating a blog into your website provides a place where you can add quality, more in-depth content that reflects your website. A regularly updated blog gives the search engines more content and keywords to crawl, which is undoubtedly an important part of SEO.

Install Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a powerful tool that can help you understand how well your website is performing and its usage which includes visits, page views, bounce rate, average time on a site, new visits among others. In addition, it provides you reports on visitors, content and traffic sources. You can also create custom reports. You can also know about the keywords, the users are typing to reach to your website. You can know all traffic sources and referring sites.


Links are another important feature of SEO. It is significant to have some inbound links from other websites or blogs; however outbound links to other websites from your blog are also favorable. Adding your links to other websites, or blogs that contain valuable information for your customers will be helpful to you. As it will show that you are trying to offer your customers with a good service.

You can do interlinking as well i.e. insert links from your blog to particular pages on your websites. It helps search engines index the connection between that particular page and its content. Plus it also shows the search engines that this specific page has important information.

Image Additions

Images are an important factor when it comes to on-page optimization. Try to include attractive images that are related to your blog and try to include the target keywords as the image name which gives better search results. Ensure the images are of small size rather than big size since the blog post can result in slower loading times if images with big size are included.

These techniques will guide you to establishing a well-optimized website for your business.


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