This Is Top Of The Best Apps For A Traveller In 2017


Traveller apps are important to travellers globally. They enable travellers to get real-time information anywhere and anytime. Some of the best apps for a traveller in 2017 include the folowing:

  1. SKYSCANNER helps one to search for the most affordable rental cars and hotels.It also lets you explore if you are not sure where you are going.
  2. KAYAKIt is similar to Skyscanner – helps you to search various travel sites for rental cars, and hotels.Kayak offers exclusive deals unlike other sites.It can forecast prices through Price Forecast feature.Kayak can also offer key details such as gate and hotel confirmation number.
  3. UBER. The app enables one to directly request a car.You can also pay your fair through credit card.It’s more convenient compared to finding a taxi.
  4. Google Maps. I t is regarded as one of the best navigation apps.Google maps offer local transportation options.Specific areas can also be downloaded for offline use.Google maps help in determining how busy a certain place is, how close are you to a specific area e.g museums e.t .c.
  5. CIRCAIt is normally used for time zones when you travel for a long time and you do not know what time it is. Circa helps to keep time of several locations at once.This makes it easier to plan connections with relatives and friends around the world.
  6. ACCUWEATHER. It is used to forecast weather globally.The website and app give general forecasts as well as minute -to- minute precipitation forecasts.The details are usually hyperlocalised to a your address accurately.
  7. TINDER. Tinder is an app that has been used in 2017 to capture the travel market.It is used for meeting new people when travelling.
  8. PACKPOINT. It is an app that generates a list of what you need to carry when travelling.You just have to enter the destination, the travelling date and what you plan doing there;it will then take care of the rest.You can change what you do not like in the list after it has generated it.
  9. HOPPER – Hopper is used for booking flights.It also informs you on the best price and biggest savings.Once you have searched a flight it informs you on whether to wait or buy a ticket.
  10. GOOGLE TRIPS – Google trips gathers your information from gmail and organises it in an orderly way.It also organises your day itineraries, giving suggestions lf things you are supposed to do or see.The app alo works offline.
  11. WAZE – Waze is an app used for traffic.It helps people to share information on traffic, accidents e.t.c. It functions the same way as Google Maps.Waze reveals traffic hotspots especially if you are navigating in an unfamiliar area.
  12. GOOGLE TRANSLATE – It offers offline and real-time translation.You just have to aim the camera to the text you want translated.
  13. AROUNDME – Lastly but not the least,Aroundme is an app that shows where you are and identifies your nearest gas station, hospital, hotel e.t.c.

This informative guide has highlighted award-winning mobile traveller apps.Travelling therefore does not need to be a complicated and time-consuming nuisance with the right app.


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