This Are The Best Basic Understanding Of Web Hosting


Basic Understanding of Web Hosting written by: wanjik If you want to do online business, you must need a website. Everybody wants to make their website. To make it live, you will need web hosting service. Web hosting service provides you web space, where you can host your website.

Free Web Hosting

There are several free web hosting providers available. If you want to make a personal website, free web hosting is great. Free web hosting has some limitation. They are free, but they have maintenance expenses. So they put ads on your website to generate revenue. You cannot get your domain with free web hosting. If you want to make a professional website, free web hosting is not for you.

Shared & Dedicated Web Hosting

There are many kinds of paid hosting, but two kinds are very famous. 1) Shared hosting & 2) Dedicated server hosting. In shared web hosting, your server resources are shared among many sites. So it’s called shared web hosting. In dedicated web hosting, you get the one separate server for your hosting. Dedicated web hosting services are more costly than shared hosting.

Components of Web Hosting

There are some basic components of web hosting. You should look at those components at the time of purchasing. In other words, you can say them features. These components include web hosting space, bandwidth, domains hosting, FTP & SSH support, PHP support, reliability, customer support & price.

Web Space & Bandwidth

Web hosting space is provided in the unit of bytes. Most of hosting providers provide Giga Bytes(GB) of space. Some web hosting services even provide unlimited web space. If the web site is very big, then it requires Giga bytes of space. Most web sites fit in 3 GB of space. Bandwidth is a measure of data transfer. Nowadays, web hosting providers offer unlimited bandwidth.

Domains Hosting

Many web hosting providers provide unlimited domain hosting. It means you can host as many websites as you like. Some service plans have limited domain hosting. You can select your service provider based on your requirement.

File Transfer Protocol & Secure Shall

When you subscribe to a web hosting account, you get an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) access. FTP is used to upload your web site pages to the server. SSH (Secure Shell) is a protocol which you use to login to your server. After logging in to your server, you can directly edit, delete or create a new file. Only few web hosting providers give you SSH access.

Goodbye to Static HTML Pages

PHP support is a basic need in today’s web sites. Web sites are not mealy static pages. You can generate dynamic pages with PHP support. PHP creates life on your web site. You also get many different PHP extensions installed. Even some web hosts allow you to change PHP extension settings.


You need to decide also the reliability of the server. This is measured in uptime and the response time of the server. The web host should provide a quick response time of the page requested on your web site. Also, the uptime should be higher than 99.9%. If you are getting less up time than 98%, then you need to change your web host.

Customer Support

You must need good customer support. Customer support should be 24/7 and very fast in response time. Your problem related to service cannot be easily solved if you don’t have good customer support. So good customer support is necessary.

Cost of Hosting a Web Site

Price or cost is a very important factor while choosing a web hosting service provider. The most shared hosting service provider offers unlimited data transfer and unlimited space for $5-$10/month. You can use coupons to save money. Most of the service providers offer coupons.


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