Affiliate Marketing: A Great Way To Create A Business Network


Affiliate marketing is an Internet marketing tool or a method of promoting a business on the web, in which the partner receives a certain reward from the advertiser for each customer, subscriber, visitor and/or sale of the goods that have occurred due to the efforts of the partner.

In other words, it’s business. Not the kind of monetization of sites, not additional earnings and not even freelancing, namely business. Although, of course, not all moneymakers understand this and accordingly relate to it. But just like any other type of business, affiliate marketing has its own characteristics

Distinctive features of affiliate marketing

The implicit threshold of occurrence. Before you start working in this industry, you need to get used to the idea that you will lose money and especially at the very beginning. No one will be able to give a clear recommendation on the amount with which you can enter this business to achieve 100% success. For one can be enough hundreds of dollars, and another and a thousand is not enough.

High risks. Even if you have already debugged several schemes of working with different off-sites, there is always a risk of losing money. There can be many reasons for this: you violated the rules of working with an offline account, the advertiser did not calculate the budget, or even went bankrupt and closed. In addition, problems can arise directly with remittances.

Potential super profits. As for the profitability of affiliate marketing, everything here, for the most part, depends only on you. Unconventional thinking and strong nerves are the keys to success in this business. A good income level is usually a profit of 70-150%.

Freedom. This factor is often decisive when a person throws his official job and goes into affiliate marketing. After all, for work you only need a laptop, the internet and an ATM for withdrawing cash and it does not matter where you are.

Fast money. When you work with large amounts of high-quality traffic, payments can be received in almost all systems on an individual schedule. Thus, the speed of scrolling and getting money in affiliate marketing is several times higher than normal work. The interaction between the parties in the framework of affiliate marketing can occur through the placement of advertisements, links, ads or advisory materials. Cross-selling methods can also be used.

In affiliate marketing, several types of compensation are accepted:

  • pay per click
  • sale fee
  • payment for the lead

Within the framework of affiliate marketing, it is customary to distinguish the following schemes of work:

1. Internal management – by the seller/supplier of goods and services. At the same time, for the implementation of the program, it will be necessary to hire a project manager and several employees for the most active interaction with the target audience.

2. Network management – assuming the use of ready-made solutions, successfully working in the network for more than one year. In this case, the program can be managed literally automatically, due to the developed algorithms and significant experience of the affiliate

3. Outsourcing or external management allows you to shift responsibility for the development of the network to other people’s shoulders.

Principles of work of affiliate marketing:

– disconnected, when the main goal of employees is a massive increase in the number of clicks on the links

– linked when the link is accompanied by additional content – video, podcast, text, etc.

– involved when the distributors do not just place the impersonal advertising, but test the advertised product or service and issue the test results in a blog post format or recommendations on the forums.

You choose the optimal type of affiliate marketing: unrelated, connected or involved. Experience shows that using your presence and influence in a niche to recommend a particular product that you yourself have used will be the most effective way to generate income from an affiliate marketing program

Try to optimize the process in such a way that the generation of sales or traffic occurs almost without interruption.

Expand and develop an affiliate network, or select an external management option for your program. And earn, turning every click into a net sale right now.

Most people are used to shifting responsibility from themselves to others: parents, teachers, customers, bosses, etc. And as soon as a newcomer comes to affiliate marketing, he realizes with horror that everything depends on him. There is no one to shift responsibility to, although some try to sometimes blame advertisers for their failures, affiliate programs, competitors, providers or someone else. Leaving the comfort zone, such a person immediately tries to return to it and the business comes to an end. Therefore, the only thing you need to start earning on the Internet is to start working and take full responsibility for your successes and failures.

Try to be maximally involved in the process of affiliate marketing and the result will not take long to wait – you will see by the income from affiliate.


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